Globalization has brought people living in different countries under one giant roof. It has also facilitated the exchange of cultures on a wider scale than before. Talking about cultures, food remains an inseparable part of any culture. Hence, it is vital to understand the confluences of different cuisines, which has created the concept of ‘Fusion Food”. In this blog, readers can explore the galaxy of Indian cuisine and its influence on other cuisine of the Food-World.

The single most factor that separate Indian cuisines from any other cuisine is the spice content of the cuisine. Land of Yogis, as India is famously known, is rich with spices of variable variety. Spices are the secret ingredients that provide an unique taste to Indian food. Further, when one thinks about Indian foods, the first picture that one is his or her mind is a red spicy currency full of variety of vegetables and sprouts. In words of most famous chef of U.K. – Gordon Ramsay, “Different Indian curries have different ingredient bases.” Thus readers, no two Indian curries have a similar taste.


Coming back to Fusion Foods. Indian subzis (vegetables) cooked in oil and spices can form a good fillings for bread sandwiches, that form an essential part of many cuisines of the West. Westerners need not worry about the sharp tastes of the subzis because mixing them with a generous amount of Mayonnaise will help them to tone down the sharp taste of Indian spices and at the same time will give them mixture, a greasy texture.

butter chickenPizza is another famous example of Fusion Food. Today, if you browse through the menu of any pizza outlet (whether local or international), you will find India famous ‘mains’ like Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka on the top of a Pizza. You will even find the veg variant of these pizzas that uses Paneer instead of Chicken. Although, these Pizzas are meant to cater the taste buds of Indians, the concept is a hit with many non Indians as well. One can find the mix of Indian spices with the spices of the West.

Chinese foodAnother famous fusion food (if I can call it a ‘fusion food’) is the Chinese food that you find in India. Anyone, with a fair knowledge of world food stuff, who has tried Chinese food on the streets of metro cities, will agree that the food that is sold in the name of Chinese food is actually an Indian variant of the Chinese food. Of late, the same food stuff is even called as ‘Desi Chinese’. The sharp taste of the food, suiting the needs of Indians differentiates ‘Desi Chinese’ and authentic Chinese. You even find the fusion of South Indian food and Chinese food. The famous Chinese dosa is a South Indian pancake stuffed with spicy Chinese noodles.

South Indian Dosa4

Lastly, the world of Fusion Foods reveal the magnitude of influence of India on various world cuisines. It is not only the size of India by the variety offered by the great land is a predominant factor in influencing different cuisines of the world.