A drunkard real estate tycoon driving a shiny black car at late night, is stopped by a dead man’s coffin on the mid of the road. Still under the influence of alcohol, the rich man gets down from his car and takes a thorough look at the dead man and his coffin. Thinking of the coffin as an expensive sport car, with a punctured tyre and the dead man as its owner, the rich man decides to ‘help’. With a little assistance from a rope, the rich man ties the ‘sports car’ to his car and merrily on the streets of Bombay. Readers, who are born in  70s -80s or before that, very well know the movie, depicting the above scene – the famous black comedy of 1983, featuring actors Om Puri and Satish Shah – Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro!

In today’s India, the dead man in the coffin epitomizes the dying or the dead ideology of Communism and the drunkard tycoon represents the communists, who have lost the sense of logic and who are merrily dragging the dead man’s coffin, thinking that as a priceless possession. However, it does not end there. The communists (some of them still students) are getting used as pawns in a dangerous game.

The disintegration of Soviet Union in 1989 and the subsequent Chinese farewell of the hammer-sickle policies are enough indicators suggesting the communists in India that ‘your time is up’. However, even today leftists and their cousins – ‘liberals’ refuse to believe that communism is a failed ideology. Why? The answer does not lie in the study of Communism Icons like Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin or for that matter, ‘The Long March of Mao Zedong’. It lies in understanding the forces in the background, who truly are responsible for preserving the dead body of Communism.

Firstly, ask yourself a question: why does one finds the venom of communism only in the campuses of Universities and not in any other sector eg. Corporate sector? Answer is simple, the universities across the world houses young minds, budding with talent and a sense of ambition. It is very easy to manipulate them and inject a perception of anarchism in them. This exploitation is not possible, once a person introduces himself to the rock-solid world of corporates: the day an employee enters his office with a flag and a slogan, he will be thrown out of work, without mercy. Communists in India know this fact very well also because they had burnt their fingers in The Great Bombay Textile Strike of ’80s. During the strike, they precisely understood that they cannot withstand the pressure of Capitalism. Hence, the followers of Marx and Mao continued their experiments only with the young minds by occasionally springing up fancy words like ‘Freedom of Expression’, ‘Post Truth’, etc.

Nevertheless, the acts of communists are tolerable, as long as they do not indulge into a dangerous game, played by the players of the Intelligence World. Watch the below video of a former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov explaining the Soviet game of brainwashing American students using the ideology of Communism.

Talking about the recent event that happened in Ramjas College of Delhi University – a martyr’s teenage daughter making absurd video in the name of peace between India and Pakistan. I bet, the teenager had no malafide intent to disturb peace in the country. However, even without her own knowledge, she became a pawn in the hands of some anti-nationals, who shamelessly tried to milk the teenager’s innocence and her father’s sacrifice for the nation. The anti national elements did it not with a purpose of spreading thoughts of Lenin but to destabilize our nation, in the name of Lenin.

Keep aside the jingoism of the Ramjas college event and you will notice a familiar pattern in the  whole series of happening:

  1. The teenager with a pacifist ideology tinkers the common man on street with an absurd video.
  2. A wave of criticism erupts against the teenager in the media (especially social media).
  3. Few hooligans threaten the teenager with rape for her action.
  4. A section of mainstream media immediately tries to make these hooligans, the face of an ‘oppressive’ Government.
  5. The same section of the media proclaims peacenik teenager as a victim, whose freedom of expression is infringed by the Government backed goons.

The same pattern was seen last year, when few students of Jawaharlal Nehru University were arrested.

  1. Slogans in support of Terrorism by JNU students tinkers the common man on street.
  2. A wave of criticism erupts against the students of JNU, which leads to the arrest of the student leader of JNU.
  3. Few lawyers manhandles the student leader, just before he is produced in the court of law.
  4. A section of mainstream media without any delay tries to make these lawyers, the face of a ‘brutal’ Government machinery.
  5. The same section of the media proclaims the cocky student leader a victim, whose voice is suppressed by the iron fist of the administration.

Further, there are two important common denominator in both the event – Indian Armed Forces and the Indian University students. In both these events, a meticulous effort is made to demoralise the Armed Forces using  our own students.

Armed Forces of any nation-state form the backbone of the security apparatus. There are only two simple reasons that permits a professional army to fight a battle – capacity to fight and will to fight. ‘Capacity to fight’ a battle is dependent on amalgamation of various factors like weaponry, intelligence inputs, military training etc. However, ‘will to fight’ is solely dependent on the morale of the soldiers fighting the battle. It is not easy for an enemy nation to destroy the capacity of an army to fight. However, it is easier for the same enemy nation to lower if not destroy the will of a soldier to protect his motherland. Young minds holding a protest rally against soldiers is certainly a demotivating factor and that’s why these anti nationals are shooting our soldiers using the shoulders of our own students.

Lets not fall prey to the vicious designs of our enemies and jeopardize our national security; simply under the pretext of subscribing to a different ideology. If an Indian communists thinks of himself as a true follower of Mao Zedong then he must know that Mao never compromised China’s honour and security in the name of communalism.

*** Jai Hind ***