More than a decade ago, in March 2006, a group of American software programmers freed a cute little bird from cage. Little did they know that this little bird, one day would turn into a giant dragon and would endanger the existence of a certain organism representing world’s oldest profession – Journalism. TWITTER is the name of the little bird turned giant dragon and the organism whose existence is seriously under threat is known as PRESTITUTE! (You may call it ‘paid agent’ if you do not wish to draw parallel with world’s another oldest profession).

The paid agents of news business never dare to criticise Twitter directly and so, for starters they don’t dispute the fact: Twitter has boosted the performances of journalists by encouraging the participation of general public in the events shaping today’s world. However, they quickly and rather cheekily point that this participation by the common man in the news business has systematically encroached their space and has curbed their journalistic freedom, which once upon a time was their sole prerogative. The Prestitutes never miss a single opportunity to raise questions over this so-called encroachment by the general public and sometimes even claim that this engagement by the commoner may harm the interests of Journalism in long run. Nonetheless, the fact remains the opposite. The participation of the average citizen of a democratic nation in shaping the news stories bearing effects on the world will SURELY AND DEFINITELY strengthen Journalism and not harm it as claimed by the news brokers!

For long, the activities of these dangerous species have gone unchecked, unchallenged and unnoticed. Earlier, these brokers, in the name of journalism used to manipulate news to suit the interests of their political masters. They used to slice and dice news in such a manner that the common man had no other options but to derive conclusions required by the political masters of these agents. But the advent of Twitter granted access to the common man to an alternate channel of consuming news. He also was presented with an opportunity to directly question / challenge the news reporter fathering the news story. However, as anticipated, these paid agents of newsmakers didn’t take the little bird in kind spirit. They quickly branded the common Twitizen (Twitter user) as Troll. In English, a Troll is an ugly cave-dwelling monster. So, the common man asking uncomfortable questions to the prestitutes was unceremoniously  branded as a dangerous cave-monster.

As the time passed, the little bird of Twitter , who by now had become a giant dragon started unleashing its fire power on the fake journos. Some prestitutes couldn’t bear the heat, resorted to pressure tactics. These tactics even involved sending court notices to their ‘Trolls’. However without paying much heed, the cave-monsters 0f Twitter continued their jobs of challenging perceptions, which were carefully crafted around the reportable news by these urban brokers.

This world of 140 words of Twitter became so powerful over years that the prestitutes were forced to cover news stories on the mere opinions expressed on Twitter. The mainstream media had to rent out its beloved ‘Prime Time slot’ to cover the opinions and reactions of the cave-monsters. Recently, Shobhaa De, a journalist made a distasteful comments on Indian athletes participating in 2016 Rio Olympics. The twitizens’ replies to Ms. De was so sharp that they forced her to eat her own words.The mainstream media was indirectly coerced by the twitizens to render Prime Time space to the story citing the moronic verses of one of their own fraternity member.

Shobhaa De’s comments which roughly translates as: Goal of Indian Olympic Team: Go to Rio to get selfies and not medals.


How can anyone forget the ‘upset’ in the recently concluded US Election? The US seemed buzzing with one name that would be their next President – MRS. HILLARY CLINTON! However, the results almost turned the entire country upside down when Mr. Donald J. Trump was declared 45th President of The United States of America. I don’t blame the average American for this misjudgement because the news brokers of the mainstream media, for reasons better known to them had almost ‘crowned’ Mrs. Clinton as the next President, even before the election results. The prestitutes in the media, however forgot completely about the Giant Dragon. The Twitter polls had given a clear thumbs up to Donald Trump well before the election results were declared. Thus, once again proving the world that the voices of the cave monsters can’t be manipulated by the urban ‘intellectuals’ of the mainstream media.

In the end, I only wish to say that Twitter has not only provided the common citizen with a voice but has also given him a face; a face that strikes fear in the heart of the prestitutes. Fear so real that these paid agents of media have dubbed him a Troll. All said and done, let me assure you that this cave monster and his giant dragon are not going to stop unless they hunt downs their urban enemy currently controlling the profession of Journalism!