The morning of 29th September 2016 started as just another morning for me. However, very soon the date turned out to be a landmark in the history of Independent India. The Maroon Berets of India, also known as the special forces successfully carried out 8 surgical strikes in the region of Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

“YES…YES…YES…WE HAVE FINALLY GIVEN A BLOODY NOSE TO THE PAKIS!”, shouted the ardent supporter of Indian Armed Forces within me.

I was clearly unable and unwilling to hide my jubilance. The sense of pride that I was witnessing was second only to the gratification that I had felt after the victory of Indian Army in the strenuous mountains of Kargil in 1999.

Alas, my happiness and the happiness of a billion nation was promptly polluted by the ‘intellect’ and the bicker of the politicians and the political pandits. These maniacs wanted the ‘proof’ of the operation from the Maroon Berets. The wanted to see the video footage of the operation, which clearly revealed their shallow understanding of the operations of the special forces.

These political dumb-asses brought back the memory of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw. Sam was the army chief during the stupendous victory of Indian Armed Forces over Pakis in 1971. He had once said about the politicians,“I wonder whether those of our political masters who have been put in charge of the defence of the country can distinguish a mortar from a motor; a gun from a howitzer; a guerrilla from a gorilla, although a great many resemble the latter.”

Even as the moronic political verses resonated in the ears of Indians, the Woody Allens of Bollywood joined the ‘party’. No, the Bollywoodies didn’t demand the video footage of the operation like the politicos but they predictably stopped from expressing solidarity with our soldiers. How? The guardians of this fragile fraternity, when needed to a take tough stand on the Paki actors in Bollywood, chose to chicken out and insinuate a remark “Arts should not be mixed with terrorism!” Well, nobody in India mixed the two ever or even remotely claimed that the Paki artists are terrorists. All that the citizens wanted from these ‘filmi’ men was to send a straight message to the Pakis: “You are either with us or against us!”

Let’s not forget, the primary reason, the people invest their money in Bollywood is not the talent oozing out of the fraternity but the large audience base offered by India. However, as a frequent movie goer, let me clarify that these Bollywodies dare not assume this base to be their sole prerogative and venture out in support of their Paki cousins. Else, the Indian public will have to squeeze their wallets.

And, talking about talents, one finds real good talent in Pakistan too but would the producers and financiers of Bollywood movies dare to invest their money in the unstable land of Lollywood? Btw… Lollywood is the name of the film industry in Lahore (Pakistan). I am sure most of you guys must not have even heard the name. 

Salman Khan’s statement: ‘Pakistani artists are not terrorist!’ clearly implies that he doesn’t want the fragile shoulders of the Bollywoodies to share the burden of the conflict with the Pakis. It also suggested that he believes that fighting the Pakis is the sole business of the army men and not his. Well Mr. Khan, India never expected the Bollywoodies to carry Kalashnikov rifles and protect her borders but she does expect that you people don’t hide automatic rifles in your villas for the reasons better known to you. Finally, Mother India certainly expects our reel heroes to shown some spine and firmly stand behind our real heroes – Indian Armed Forces. Let’s us not forget how many times has the Indian public stood behind the Bollywoodies in the hour of their need. The prime example is that of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, who was nearly dead after a punch from a black belt champ, while shooting for Coolie in July 1982. The entire nation prayed in one voice for the wellbeing of Mr. Bachchan then.

Also, it’s important to note that the Indian citizens and not just the Indian artists unequivocally condemned the Peshawar school attacks by the terrorists in 2014. Hence, isn’t is natural for us to expect the condemnation of the Uri attack from the Pakistani artists if not from Pakistani citizens?

Mahesh Bhatt had tweeted a picture of his holding a paper, which described him as a ‘peace loving dove’. Mr. Bhatt, the families of 19 martyrs of Uri attack also wanted peace but all they got was the coffins of their breadwinners. Mr. Bhatt, the families of 250+ Mumbaikars, who were butchered by Ajmal Kasab and Co. also wanted peace but they too got nothing but the lifeless bodies of their loved ones. There are countless such examples, which show that peace with Pakistan is a Nehruvian blunder that no longer holds ground.


A certain actor called Om Puri went overboard and even insulted Col V.N.Thapar, the father of the Kargil martyr – Capt. Vijyant Thapar. His distasteful comments suggested that upholding the Indian pride is the sole responsibility of military because the duty of civilians toward their nation almost end once they files their income tax returns. Mr Puri needs to understand this whole civilian vs military debate from a terrorist’s perspective. A terrorist does not differentiate between Indian civilians and Indian military because for him both the bodies are enemies and both deserve to die. In that case what makes Om Puri believe that India’s war against terror is not the fight of an Indian civilian?

Mr. Puri later apologised to the Indian audiences but not before cutting a sorry portrait of himself in front of the whole nation.

Every Indian, whether dovish or hawkish wants peace so that he can prosper. Peace is not an alternative to war but is the foremost requirement of any civilization. However, sometimes in order to achieve the much needed peace, people have to fight wars.

In the end, I just want to say that three generations of Indians gave Pakis numerous chances to prosper and live peacefully alongside India. However, time and again we were back stabbed by them. In 1947 our forefathers conceded to the demands of a separate state of few morons and created Pakistan and it is our ‘duty’ to follow our ancestors’ footsteps and once again concede to the demands of the same morons i.e. “If Pakistan demands war with India, they shall get one!”

Dedicated to the Indian Armed Forces!