Early morning, around 5:00AM in a Call Center in Mumbai…

The cell phone of Lloyd D’Silva buzzed. It was a call from his Team Member – Aditi Pandit.

Aditi: Hello Lloyd! Aditi here.

Lloyd: Hey Aditi! What happened?

Aditi: Lloyd, I will be late today… will come to office by 9:00AM.

Lloyd: Oh..ok…but what happened? Are you alright?

Aditi: No Lloyd, you will not believe me… there is a TIGER in my garden! I can’t leave my apartment.

Lloyd: WHAT? What are you talking? I didn’t understand.

Aditi: I don’t know how this thing entered my building but right now everyone is asleep and I am too scared to come out of my house.

Lloyd: You stay safe in your house… we will talk when you come to office. Bye!

Aditi: B..b..bye! 

Aditi Pandit was an young Kashmiri girl staying alone in a rental apartment in Thane. She had recently completed B.Com. from the University of Jammu and had secured a job in a Call Center in Mumbai. Since, her main client base was in the Asia Pacific region, she worked in an early shift – 6am to 3pm.

One day (around 5:00AM), as Aditi was leaving her apartment for her office, she saw a ferocious Royal Bengal Tiger sitting in the garden of her apartment. Without wasting a second, she rushed back to her flat and phoned her Team Manager – Lloyd D’Silva.

Lloyd could not believe Aditi’s Tiger story. He felt, Aditi has some personal issue, which she didn’t want to share with him. Further, since Aditi was one of the top performers of his team, he didn’t pay too much attention to the incident. Next day, the same incident was repeated. Lloyd was disgusted but maintained his calm. Later in the day, he spoke to Aditi in person. Aditi seemed thoroughly convinced about the fact that a tiger visits her apartment in the wee hours. The third day, the same incident repeated itself. However, Lloyd’s reaction was remarkable. With total calmness, he told Aditi,”Yes Aditi, I know that there is a tiger there and you are terrified.” He continued,”Don’t worry!.. come at 9am.”

Lloyd, later changed Aditi’s shift time from 9am to 6pm.

A month and half passed and Aditi seemed happy with the changed shift time. Suddenly one day, Lloyd took her in a meeting room to have a one-on-one discussion with her.

“Aditi!” said Lloyd. His tone was filled with some concern, “You remember Mr. Yamamoto from C.I.M.B. Bank?” Aditi was petrified after hearing this name. Gathering her composure she said,” Yes Lloyd, he is one of our prime clients. What happened to him?” With a smile on his face Lloyd said, ” I think he has been fired from his job in C.I.M.B. for his abusive behavior.” Aditi couldn’t believe her ears but her face suggested that she couldn’t have asked for anything better. With a straight face, she told her manager, “Lloyd, this guy from C.I.M.B. was a nut case…he used to shout on calls.” She continued,”The worst part was, I had to start my day with a call to C.I.M.B. and many times Yamamoto would answer my calls.” Lloyd was patiently listening to Aditi, who was opening her heart for the first time. “I had lost my mental peace because of Yamamoto, who would scare me even in my dreams.” said Aditi, who was now in tears. Lloyd looked at her and gently said,”Look Aditi! Your nightmare is over now…relax and concentrate on your work; you are doing really well. I only wanted your feedback about Mr. Yamamoto”

Just as they were leaving the meeting room, Lloyd paused and asked Aditi,”Would you like to come in your old shift of 6am to 3pm now?” He continued, “I badly need someone like you in that shift.” Aditi appeared stunned because she suddenly remembered the tiger of her garden. With a load of reluctance in her tone, she said,”I will try to come but what about the tiger of my garden?” Lloyd said with a smile,” Tomorrow morning, I shall pick you from your house and shall see your tiger.” Aditi appeared thoroughly confused but could not disregard her manager’s offer.

Next day at 5am, Aditi almost dragged herself out of her flat. When she was near the garden., she was surprised to see Lloyd playing with the tiger in her garden. Before she could even think further, she heard someone calling her at a distance. So, she turnaround to see the person. It was her manager – Lloyd. “Another Lloyd?”,she whispered and with a confused looked she turned back to see the playing tiger. However, she couldn’t see a single living soul in the garden. The tiger of Aditi’s garden had disappeared and was never to return again.

The tiger story of Aditi had forced her manager – Lloyd to speak to her close friends in office. This helped Lloyd to learn about Aditi’s phobia of the phone call from her client – Mr. Yamamoto. He was convinced that the man-eater of Aditi’s garden was none other than Aditi’s phobia of Mr. Yamamoto. 

Hence, he changed Aditi’s work shift so that she can stay away from the whole episode.

However, as the luck would have it, Yamamoto was promoted and was moved to a different department in C.I.M.B. Bank. Lloyd forged the story of Yamamoto’s resignation because he wanted to get the fear permanently out of Aditi’s mind . 

The wisdom of the Team Manager was successful in finally taming “Mr. Yamamoto” of Aditi’s garden; he had thus decisively defeated Aditi’s fear psychosis.

It took sometime for Aditi to convince herself that the tiger in her garden was a myth. However, the glimpse of Lloyd, playing with the tiger itched in her memory for a long time because she knew that Lloyd was the one, responsible for taming her mythical tiger.

Aditi Pandit is now happily working in Lloyd D’Silva’s team and is awaiting her much deserved promotion.