This is an inspiring story of 3 friends, who reiterated the true value system of India and who went to become successful women entrepreneurs. 

Janaki, Yasodhara and Winnie were best friends studying in Std. 9th, in a municipal school in suburban Mumbai. As they hailed from poor families, they understood the value of money at a very tender age. So, everyday after their school, they would go to a bakery for helping its owner in baking bread. The owner of the bakery was an old Jewish widow, who had lost her only son in a road accident. The lady was kind enough to pay the girls for their assistance. The money was a welcome income for their families.

As the years passed by, the lady taught them the art of Cakery and as their business boomed, they introduced a variety of new products in their small bakery. Since, Janaki, Yasodhara and Winnie had different religious backgrounds, the food products in their bakery were a confluence of Hinduism, Buddhism and Catholicism. Further, they also had the able guidance of their Jewish Godmother. Due to its mouthwatering and innovative products, the small bakery became the talk of the town.

One day, the girls received a shocking news. Their loving Godmother had passed peacefully in her sleep… the old lady died but not before transferring the ownership of the bakery to the girls. She had thus made them self reliant. The girls, by then had also acquired the expertise of managing a business from the lady. Thus, the old lady had transformed the school girls into young entrepreneurs.

Later, the girls renovated the bakery on the lines of renowned International brands in the food industry and in the honour of the Jewish lady they named their new bakery as “Shifrah Cakes and more…”.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of money, the girls could not continue their formal education after Std.12th. However, the girls were fully aware of the importance of education in life and so they ensured proper education for each of their younger siblings. It was only because of the courage and the determination of the girls, that their siblings could knock the doors of Universities.

The stories of Janaki, Yasodhara and Winnie of the real world are (were) not as inspiring as the story of the 3 friends of this blog. The real stories of millions of Janakis, Yasodharas and Winnies of the world are explained by them in their own words.

‘I spent 14 years in exile for my husband’s pride, away from the comforts of my palace… yet my husband abandoned me when I was pregnant. What is my fault? I am Janaki (Sita) – wife of Lord Ram.

‘After spending 13 years with me and fathering a boy, my husband left me in search of enlightenment. What is my fault? I am Yasodhara – wife of Gautam Buddha.

For 27 years, I carried forward my husband’s fight against Apartheid in South Africa. The Govt. had unjustly imprisoned him during this period…yet my husband divorced me after he was freed and was elected as the first black president of South Africa. What is my fault? I am Winnie – wife of President Nelson Mandela.

Today, the entire world bows down before the greatest of Lord Ram, Gautam Buddha and President Nelson Mandela but hardly knows the names of women, who stood with these great souls when the rest of the world stood against them? That is why, these women are best known as daughters of destiny!

Given a chance, a woman can do better than most men in her field.

Just like men, women too have capacity to make their parents feel proud. Just like men, they too have dreams. Finally, just like men, they too have right to live on their own terms.

___ Dedicated to the daughters, who believe that it is their duty to work hard so that their family can live comfortably. ___