On his way home from office one day, a young man happened to see an elderly gentleman waiting for an auto rickshaw. The man offered to drop the elderly man at his house and there started an interesting conversation…

Old Man: Would you like to be the CEO of the company that you are working with?”

Young Man: I am going to be the CEO of my company one day.

Old Man: When did you last enjoy the rains Mumbai?

Young Man (puzzled): I do not remember, may be when I was in school.

Old Man: How many houses, you wish to buy?

Young Man: At least one in every big metro of the world.

Old Man: When did you last eat at a road side joint with your friends?

Young Man (skeptical): Not sure, may be couple of years back.

Old Man: Do you have in mind, the name of the car, you would like to buy one day?

Young Man: Rolls Royce

Old Man: When you last walked barefooted on a sheet of green grass?

Young Man (slightly angry): I have never walked barefooted on grass.

Puzzled by the pattern of questions, the young man asked the elderly what did he really mean?

Old Man: You will earn lot of money in life, if you have well set goals in front of you but you will get lot of happiness if you respect and enjoy the small wonders around you. There is nothing wrong in earning money but it is wrong to assume that happiness will come along the money that you earn in life.
To put in a somewhat corporate term, the more you are happy, the more you become positive and the more you become positive, the more your mind opens for good ideas. Last but not the least, the more ideas you generate, the more you are likely to move up the corporate ladder. And yes, what can stop a CEO of company to enjoy rains of Mumbai or owner of a posh villa to enjoy road side snacks with friends or owner of Rolls Royce to feel the softness of grass.

Friends, the Old Man and the Young Man in this conversation are two sides of human mind. One representing Maturity, Experience and Happiness while other representing Youth, Ambition and Money.  Both are equally important in life and our biased over choosing one above other will result an imbalance in life.


Have a great day!!!